What are the standard model requirements?

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Model requirements are the primary thing every aspiring model wishes to know. Well, it’s not a bad idea seeking to know these requirements, but bear in mind that sometimes, some of these requirements will be overlooked to get a job done. Now, what is the perfect height for modeling? What should be the body type as well as the age limit? All of these are essential questions to ask yourself if you aspire to choose modeling as your career.

The qualities I will explain here are general model requirements, but just like I mentioned earlier, this does not mean that you cannot succeed if you don’t have these qualities. These requirements also differ depending on the modeling niche. So, bear that in mind and know that exceptions are inevitable.

Model requirements for Women

Fashion Models

As the most stringent modeling niche, I will start with fashion models. This comprises of high-end models that are usually used for editorial shots, high-end fashion designers, runways, and fashion promotions. Models have a certain age, a certain size, and a certain height.

  • Age: The usual age is normally from 16-23. Though models maybe younger, for many agents, they must be at least 16 years old. Similarly, models may be older, but agencies prefer their models looking younger and fresher.
  • Height: The standard model requirements for height is usually between 5’9 -6″.
  • Breast is between 32″-36″.  
  • The waist is between 22″-26″.
  • Hips normally are between 33″-35 “.

Unfortunately but fortunately to some, it is hard to see women who will meet all these requirements, this is why fashion models tend to get more jobs and make more money. Not meeting these requirements shouldn’t bother you; after all, most women don’t meet it too.

Catalog Models

Catalog modeling is another profitable modeling niche that is somewhat less limiting than fashion modeling.

  • Height: The height for catalog modeling is usually between 5’8”-5’11″
  • Age: Age is the same as we have in fashion modeling above.
  • Breast: This is slightly different from fashion, 32″-35″.
  • Hips: Hips here is between 33″-35″.
  • Waist: This is between 22″-26″.

Fashion and catalog modeling are the two most explicit types of modeling niches; this makes these niches more profitable than others.

Underwear and bikini models

Underwear and bikini niches also usually have special model requirements. Common dimensions for underwear are:

  • Height: 5’7-6”
  • Breast: 32″-35″ C-cup
  • Waist: 22″-26″
  • Hip: 33″-35″.

The bikini model is comparable to the underwear model, but with slightly larger bust size.

There are also modeling niches such as; fitness, plus-size, and glamour. These niches do not necessarily require special model requirements.

Model requirements for Men

Unlike the female counterpart, men have a quite direct requirement regardless of whether it is fashion or catalog modeling.

Height: When it comes to height for men, it is usually between 5’11”- 6’2″, and should be able to wear a normal 40″- 42″ jacket. They must be fit and slim with less muscle. The aim is to look ragged without shirts, but slim in clothes.

Men model requirements are less precise as such, many men meet these standards. It is now clear why male models oftentimes earn lesser pay than female models. If you are a man and happen to have an exceptional appearance of between 5’1″- 6’2″, and can easily fit into a jacket of size 40″- 42″, there is a high chance for you to become a model.


Now that you know the model requirements when it comes to size, height, and other dimensions; you might want to ask, “What is the first step to getting started?” Don’t sweat it, I have a 10 tips guide to help you get started in your modeling journey, see it “ 10 tips on how to become a model ”.

As much as the knowledge of model requirements is very important before starting out your journey, the qualities of a model should never be left out either. I have taken my time to draft out the top 10 qualities of a model every model should know about, don’t fail to check it out.

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