Top 11 Female model jobs and their requirements

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Female model jobs can be a way to make a great income and there are different types (niches) of these jobs that any female interested in modeling can fit into one. Most people think that all female models are like Heidi Klum or Naomi Campbell; however, the reality is there are many famous female models that people tend to ignore but are raking in pretty much income from the industry. Such models work as what is called “behind the scenes”, as a showroom and advertising models. These models work for different top companies ranging from; fitness, production, clothing, travel, health and more.

There is an enormous opportunity and you can choose to go into that type of modeling and don’t need to be a supermodel before you can join this path. For it to be easier for you to choose a path, I will be listing various types of female model jobs below.

1. Fashion Model

Fashion Models or clothing models called editorial models are used in female model jobs for magazines such as Dazed, Harper’s Bazaar, and GQ, Vogue, Elle, and others. These models work for top fashion designers such as MOHKAlife, Prada, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Lauren, and others. These types of professional models have a standard height of 5’9″ to 6’0″, and very slim. Their body size is 33″ for the bust, 23″ for waist, and 33″ hips.

In most cases, agencies prefer what they call “total package” when choosing editorial models. But don’t give up, if you are not fit exactly to the standard they want; there are others that may want your standard especially in other niches.

2. Runway Model

Runway models are used in female model jobs mostly for designers. They have a typical height of 5’9″; however, 5’10” – 5’11” is more preferable. They must have the typical measurements because they have to match the clothes that will be shown by the designers in many cases. Dimensions of this type of models do not exceed 34″-23”-34”.

Designers choose models that match the clothes they make for their individual collections, not the other way round. The can sometimes bend and give exceptions, but this is if the model is someone that is like Naomi Campbell.

3. Commercial Model

This type of professional can be of any age, height or size. You can do anything as long as it’s not about high fashion. Some female model jobs for people in this category are food, technology, tourism, etc.

4. Plus-size Model

Plus-sized female modeling job is now a very significant part of the fashion and commercial modeling niches. Agencies have a special unit for these types of models. These days, there are many famous supermodels that are plus size.

In most cases, this type of professionals is determined based on size and not an exact measurement, such as Size 12. In fact, size 12 is not seen as a plus-size model but as a model.

5. Petite Model

This type of professional is in many cases 5’7” and below. In most cases, these professionals don’t care about runways but are reserved for underwear, swimwear, and modeling. Because these types of professionals have gloves and smaller sizes, they are employed as hand and foot models.

6. Lingerie and Swimsuit Model

Lingerie and swimsuit models have more curves and also they are freer than the fashion models. Swimsuit modeling offers a variety of female modeling job opportunities. These models do more of swimwear modeling. They are used for the following; underwear modeling, summer clothing, sleepwear, sometimes fit modeling, and more.

7. Glamour Model

In most cases, this type of model tends to be curvier when compared to their fashion counterparts. In addition, they can work as lingerie or Swimsuit models. It is the type of modeling that is recognized by the pose of the models in their photos. Glamorous modeling is considered sexually expressive compared to fashion modeling, it is also interesting. Girls with the job of posing for Playboy magazine, James Hardly Chase, are glamorous models.

8. Fitness Model

Fitness models are normally fit, athletic and strict. Most of these models started as fitness instructors or athletes. The female modeling job opportunities here are for; supplement factories, sports clothing companies, health and fitness companies. In most cases, they are also referred to as commercial models.

9. Fit Model

It is important to note that this type of modeling is different from fitness modeling. Their work is mostly at the back of the stage. They work with clothing manufacturers and fashion designers. Companies use them to ensure that size and suitability are truly maintained in the so-called “clothing making process”.

Fashion designers need a variety of sizes and shapes to match their clothing before reaching the end-user. Hence, this need creates female modeling job opportunities for fit models.

If you can uphold your body size, then this type of modeling is the best option for you.

10. Body parts Model

Body parts models work precisely for a body part such as legs, arms, eyes, hips.

Modeling for the hand can be for nails, jewelry, armbands and also beauty products. Regular customers contract these models in film or print.

Leg modeling is mainly for a shoe company, though they also do for jewelry, beauty and nail products. Perfect feet are needed for this job.

In most cases, petite models are contracted by part models because their body parts are smaller which is good for this type of female modeling job.

11. Promotional Model

Promotional models are used to promote products and services at events, trade shows, etc. They are trained to be friendly with open-minded personality. Not only that, they are made to thoroughly understand the services they will promote. This way, they can easily enlighten potential customers about these services, and as well give an answer to any question the customers may have.


There is a great opportunity for female model jobs and it will never get saturated. If you desire to grab a share in this, then you need to choose your niche, learn about the requirements, practice consistently, show yourself to the world, and then partner with an agency to unleash your great talent.

There are many resources on this blog that will help you in this journey like the Top 10 qualities of a model and how to gain them.

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These are but just a few I can pick for you, there are still more you can find here. Remember, there is nothing you put your mind in that you cannot achieve. You just need to believe in yourself, do away with fear, work on your emotions so criticism won’t stop you, be consistent, focus and I assure you, YOU WILL MAKE IT!

So, there you have it; do not hesitate to ask your questions, share your thoughts or give your own recommendation using the comment box below.

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