Top 10 tips on how to become a popular celebrity

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So you have finally made up your mind to become a popular celebrity. Popularity certainly comes with its perks, and you will understand that there are many paths to take to achieve that “popular celebrity” status. Though one of the best ones is to have a talent, there are so many ways through which you can become a popular celebrity.

You also need to understand that it takes a lot of effort to become famous and at the same time remain famous. So if you are not willing to be hard-working, then this path may not be for you. Even if you are hard-working and you don’t put some other factors into place, you might not get to that celebrity status.

In this guide, we will take an in-depth look at the top 10 ways to become a popular celebrity.

1. Reality TV Show

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One of the fastest ways to become a celebrity is by engaging yourself in a reality show. You can either sign up for the popular ones around or even start up your show on the internet. You can kick off with Instagram and YouTube since both platforms allow you to put up videos of yourself doing new and unique things.

You can also sign up for the popular Big Brother show, The Movie Star and so on.

2. Date a popular celebrity

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This seems to be a very quick way to achieve fame, and it comes without stress. One very good example is Rita Ora who had the dream to become the best pop singer in Britain. But unfortunately, she wasn’t that famous for her songs. Rather, she is best known across the world for her dating spree with so many celebrities. She started with Kim Kardashian‘s brother, Rob. She then proceeded to date as much as 6 other celebrities including James Arthur and David Beckham‘s friend, Dave Gardner.

Another good example is the African pop star, Davido’s girlfriend, Chioma. She was a rather unknown personality until she began to date the singer.

3. Sing a Hit Song


One of the fastest ways to become a popular celebrity and be known in your country is by singing a hit song. People love music and they will always revere a singer that comes up with their best tunes. They use your songs as ring tones and even re-post your updates on social media.

4. Claim you are Bisexual


If you will like to go the controversial way and you have the will to withstand the pressure and bullying, then you can claim to be queer, by coming out as either gay or bisexual. This is even easier for females as there is less discrimination against lesbians than there are for gay men.

But coming out as a bisexual is even more acceptable, even in African society and this will make people want to know that personality that claims they are free to have a sexual relationship with both men and women.

5. Make friends with famous celebrities

You can at the same time become a celebrity by moving with popular people. When Kim Kardashian started her reality TV show with her family, even with a sex tape, she wasn’t as popular as when she ditched her husband to then associate with Kanye West, who later expanded her circle to people like Beyonce and Jay-Z.

6. Sex Tape


One way through which you can achieve that celebrity status is by releasing a sex tape. This worked to some extent for Kim Kardashian after her sex spree with Ray Jay. It was even reported that she got the attention of Kanye West through the sex tape.

Even in an African setting, this seems to work fine as most celebrities of today have had a controversial tape of themselves released in the past, which brought them quick fame.

7. Do Giveaways on social media


Most social media celebrities achieved their status through their constant giveaway on their platforms. For instance, the popular US-based African entertainer, Tunde Ednut, was able to become popular through his giveaways on his page. He was rather unknown while he was even a singer.

8. Fight with a popular celebrity

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Another way through which you can become a popular celebrity is by creating an unnecessary dispute with a famous person. They have the followership and a platform already. Coming up with an issue of a dispute with a celebrity will get you some attention from social media users who would want to know who you are and what has brought you together with the celebrity.

You can call out a celebrity for ignoring you at an event or even claim they did something controversial to either you or someone you know.

Remember if you are going this path, you should be ready to take a lot of bashing as their fans will come after you and may even threaten you. And for you to use this as leverage to attain your celebrity status, you have to call them out consistently for some time.

9. Make a fool of yourself


A lot of people have become popular on social media by making a fool of themselves in a viral video. You can feign ignorance of a certain occurrence and act otherwise. You can also come up with catchy phrases or act stupidly in public view, while you have someone capturing the moment. The footage can be sent to popular influencers on social media and before you know it, you are everywhere. See if you can get inspiration from this blog post, 6 ways to become a popular comedian.

10. Dress like a Clown at Events

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One of the fastest ways through which you can become a celebrity is by attending popular events that have other celebrities in attendance and then look different. You can show up in very bright color dresses and look weird in your dressing.

If you are doing this, make sure you are close to where the cameras are so you can get their attention and have them focus their cameras on you. You will surely appear on their various channels. You can even have some of them grant you short interviews and try as much as possible to be controversial in your statement.

Final Thought

Becoming a celebrity comes with its burden and stresses. You should be ready to take up a lot of challenges and once your mind is made up, you can go on and try out our top 10 ways to become a popular celebrity.

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