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Reality tv show

Brief History of Reality Tv Show

Reality Tv show is a type of show that depicts ordinary people in unscripted situations is as old as the television medium itself. It was first aired in 1948 by producer-host Allen Funt’s Candid Camera, in which people were faced with unusual funny situations and filmed with hidden cameras.

Reality television is an aspect of a television programme that puts to screen unscripted real-life situations. It often stares unknown individuals instead of well-known actors. Reality television came to light in the 1990s and early 2000s with the series Survivor, Idols and Big Brother hitting global successes of which became global franchises.

These shows tend to be mixed with confessionals, short interview segments in which cast members reflect on or provide context for the events being displayed on-screen. Competition-based reality shows often feature gradual elimination of participants, either by the panel of judges or the viewership of the show.

Are documentaries Reality TV show?

I’ve seen many people mistaking documentaries as a reality TV show, it should be clear that: documentaries, television news, sports television, talk shows, and even traditional game shows are not classified as a reality television show.

Most genres of television programming that predate the reality television explosion have been passively classified as reality television including talent-search shows, hidden camera shows, high-concept game shows, documentary series about ordinary people, court shows featuring real-life cases and home improvement shows.


These Reality televisions have faced notable criticism since its rise in popularity. Critics are of the opinion that reality television shows do not accurately reflect reality, in both implicit i.e. participants being placed in artificial situations, and deceptive i.e. misleading editing, storylines generated ahead of time, participants were coached on behavior, scenes being staged, etc.

Some of these shows have been accused of helping the favorite or underdog to win. Other criticisms of these reality television shows are that they are meant to either humiliate or exploit participants; and that they make stars out of untalented people who are not worthy of fame, infamous figures, or both.

Getting famous through a Reality Tv show

Gaining stardom through Reality television is just the stepping stone for many people. There are many ways one can leverage to attain stardom through a Reality TV show.

Apart from actors in scripted TV shows, those of them in unscripted programs are not unionized, which is why their payments are not always as high as their mates on scripted TV, according to Gawker.

Although, as an unscripted TV star, you’re already a known entity. People already know what to expect, which will help you find an acting or modeling job.

One very simple way to make money from as a reality TV show star is to look for shows in need of participants. You have already had an audition of sorts during your first TV appearance. Producers will know what you are willing to offer them, which could improve your chances of landing a role. This time, you are definitely going to have favorable working conditions and high pay because you are an already known star, unlike upcoming ones.

Taking advantage of paid appearances

If you make a strong impression on your previous reality TV show, you can likely land paid public appearances. Be it brands, shows, presenter or online promotions with your handle, you can most certainly make a good living with these compensated gigs.

Instant celebrity after Reality-tv show

Reality television has the potential to turn its participants into well-known celebrities, even if it’s for a short period of time. It is very notable in talent-search programs like Idol and The X Factor, which have produced music stars in many of the countries in which they have aired. Many other shows have made temporary celebrities out of their participants; some participants have then been able to transfer this fame into media and merchandising careers.

One notable example is Elisabeth Hasselbeck, a contestant on Survivor. The Australian Outback later became a host on the daytime talk show The View and a correspondent on Fox and Friends. Other participants of non-talent-search programs who have had notable acting careers include; Jacinda Barrett, Kristin Cavallari, Jamie Chung, Stephen Colletti, David Giuntoli, NeNe Leakes and Angela Trimbur, Uti Nwachukwu.

More examples

Several cast members of MTV’s Jersey Shore had lucrative endorsement deals and in some cases their own product lines, when the show aired and in subsequent years. Tiffany Pollard, originally a contestant on Flavor of Love, was given four additional reality series of her own on VH1. Jade Goody became very famous after appearing on Big Brother 3 in 2002 in Britain; she later appeared on other reality programs, wrote a bestselling autobiography and launched a top-selling perfume line. She later received a wide media coverage during her battle with cervical cancer, from which she died in 2009.

The famous Bethenny Frankel who gained fame after appearing on several reality television shows launched the successful brand Skinnygirl Cocktails and got her own short-lived syndicated talk show Bethenny. Two cast members of non-athletic reality shows, Mike “The Miz” Mizanin (from The Real World and its spin-off, The Challenge) and David Otunga (from I Love New York), became professional wrestlers for the WWE.

Many socialites or children of famous parents who were well known before they appeared on reality television shows have become even much more famous as a result. This includes the likes of Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Kim Kardashian, and many of the rest of the Kardashian family.


Reality television personalities are sometimes derided as “Z-list celebrities”, “Bravolebrities”, or “nonebrities” who are effectively “famous for being famous” and have done nothing to warrant their sudden fame. Some have been lambasted for exploiting an undeserved “15 minutes of fame”. Kardashian family is one such group of reality television personalities who were subject to this criticism in the 2010s, Kim Kardashian in particular.

A reality TV show can be a dream come true for you on your road to stardom, as you must have read above. You must not be popular before getting into a reality TV show, but definitely going to be popular after you’ve left the show even if it’s for a moment. The onus now lies on you to take good advantage of the short period of popularity and become forever famous. If you are wondering of ways you can maintain your popularity after starring in a Reality Tv show, you should see this article on “How To Become Forever Famous after participating in a Reality TV Show.”

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