Professional comedian: Top 6 tips on how to become one

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Anyone can be a comedian; however, not everyone goes on to become a professional comedian. According to Wikipedia, comedy is a work generally intended to be humorous or amusing by inducing laughter especially in theatre, television, film, stand-up comedy, or any other medium of entertainment. If you have a striking talent and you are sure able to crack the ribs of people, then the comedy industry is for you.

Comedy might be a tad tough, but what it pertains to is triggering people to laughter. The power of comedy lies in your effort to be humorous, which in turn places you in the ladder to becoming a professional comedian and getting a big-break into the comedy industry.

By going through this article, you should be able to maneuver your way and break into the comedy industry.

Steps You Can follow to Get into the Comedy Industry

6 steps to become a professional comedian

You can follow these steps to simply kick-start your career in the comedy industry.

1. Set up shows:

As a comedian who wants to thrill people with hilarious jokes and likes, you can set up shows by yourself by inviting people to your shows. From here you could find that you could earn your big break into the comedy industry. You might as well want to set out shows at limited space of time like weekly or monthly and let people know how regular your comedy event would hold. Handbills and flyers could be necessary at this juncture. Creating local awareness through handbill or flyers for your regular comedy show is a good way to promote your show. Being consistent will create room for improvement and connection that will increase your popularity which is essential in your quest to become a professional comedian.

2. Set up a YouTube channel:

Both upcoming and professional comedians now embrace YouTube to show off what they are made of. Not only will this open international recognition to your career, but it will also create another handsome source of income for you. Many professional comedians today started from uploading their comedy videos on YouTube, and we even have comedians that perform only on YouTube, I think it’s right to call those “YouTube Comedians”. #Smiles

When you own a YouTube channel, you can upload videos of your recent shows as well as your personal comedy skits. From here, you get to know how many likes and dislikes you get on your videos, also you’ll see the comments and find out ways you can improve on your performances.

Do poor likes and comments mean I don’t have what it takes to become a professional comedian?

Poor likes and comments show if you are fit for the industry or not, hence your passion for it; because where talent exists, passion exists. When there isn’t a talent for what you do, there is no motive for passion. The poor likes and comments should not discourage you especially at the beginning, what you need to do is to sharpen your talent and let people see it. YouTube is packed with loads of viewers, and out of millions of viewers may lie someone waiting to hire or grant you a comedy job offer.

Can I make money with my videos on YouTube?

Of course yes! If you succeed in making people laugh with your YouTube videos, then your road to stardom is really closer than you have ever imagined. When people start liking your videos, they’ll subscribe to your channel and will even recommend your channel to friends and family. That way, you will easily meet the minimum number of subscribers (1,000) and minimum watching minutes (4,000 hours watch time within the past one year) to be able to monetize the videos on your channels. You can read up on how to monetize YouTube videos here.

3. Start a comedy club:

Starting a comedy club is like venturing into the comedy industry full time. You can as well introduce other comedians to your club. This is also where you begin to set up shows for the club.  Before launching your comedy club business, here are some of the things you can do:

Ideas on starting a comedy club

  • Visit other comedy clubs to determine current offerings, trends, and missteps.
  • Look up to other comedy shows to observe drink prices, look into ticketing processes and estimate that with what you are starting within your club.
  • After setting up your club, you can share your business cards not only with friends and friends of friends but also to restaurants and bars that usually set up shows’ comedy nights.
  • Finding a location for your comedy club is necessary, where people can easily locate and attend your comedy shows. You may rent or buy a club location near other entertainment centers or establishments including bars, restaurants, movie theatres or shopping areas, as such you take advantage of prevailing pedestrian traffic. Potential customers might like to drop in to catch a comedy show after having dinner in a restaurant or watching a movie.

4. Own a business card:

When you’ve got the talent for comedy, you can start with creating professional quality business cards to market yourself as a comedian. A great business card can also help you stand out. You might as well consider a business license for your club as this would seem professional.

5. Be confident:

Being confident on the stage while performing is an added advantage. By this people also understand that you know what you are doing. However, you may likely want to get prepared for hecklers because some people may not find your jokes funny which may land you unconfident with provoking people to laughter. Still, that doesn’t mean you don’t have the talent this is why you should rehearse more before heading up the stage. Confidence and guts mean a lot. Remember, confidence pays than being nervous.

6. Be original:

Lastly, be original and not a fake. People want real talents. Make sure you are setting the trend with your club and make your club stand out. You can do this by introducing a signature speech in your shows. This speech could be something humorous.

Bonus Tips

  1. Never imitate anyone, make sure you learn to speak with your own voice. Be the real you!
  2. Be conscious of time anytime you’re on stage. The time you have might not be enough for all you planned, so set a time limit for your comedy shows.
  3. When you need advice, remember you can follow up and meet with comedians who have been in the industry long before you, see them as your mentor.
  4. Sometimes you might want to be invited for a show by a restaurant or any company that is holding events. Be sure you are prepared beforehand.
  5. If you can, set up your own club, or look for existing clubs to join.
  6. Remember to source for inspiration. This is very important in every aspect of life, not just only about becoming a professional comedian.

Final Thought

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