How to Easily Sell Your Music Online

Sell music online

The music industry is changing rapidly, musicians and songwriters can now easily sell their music online without stress. I have to say thanks to the internet, the connectivity made possible by social media and sites like YouTube/Spotify as well as the digitization of music in general, has also contributed immensely to selling songs online.

Moreover, the advent of satellite radio and the internet has made people not be limited to the geographical boundaries of their local radio frequencies. As a result, getting radio play on major stations isn’t the coveted achievement it used to be. The days are gone when people make demos and relentlessly send them to every radio station and record label in the business, as people can now use music sites, internet resources and video applications to sell, produce and promote their own music.

Below are some very important guides on how you can easily sell your music online.

1. Record a few songs.

 The moment you perfect a couple of songs, it’s just time to lay the tracks down. After all, you can’t really sell your music if there is nothing to listen to, but many thanks to ever-advancing technologies, these days almost every town has their own recording studios where musicians can go to record a few tracks at an affordable rate.

2. Have the song you want to sell available in multiple formats

Music these days are sold through different avenues, and most of them require different formats. For example, you can sell physical copies of your music in concerts and in CDs, but you will definitely need a digital version if you want to really sell your music online and also through electronic stores.

3. Check the audio quality 

If you have not really distributed music before, you will want to make sure your debut is as good as your music. Take very good note of the following before you go about putting your music up:

  • Audio source: Make sure you upload your music as a high quality, lossless audio files like a WAV or even a FLAC file. You can get it mastered too if you want to improve the quality.
  • Audio quality: Your music should sound good. If you have it professionally recorded in the studio, then chances are that it already sounds very good. Also, try it in places you would expect your new fans to play your music.

4. Sell your music through digital apps and music stores 

There are many digital music stores around and most importantly, many of them have music apps that are accessible through different mobile devices—such as Apple iTunes, Band Camp, Google Play for Android devices and Amazon Music. You can sell your music directly through these media as an artist.

5. Join a digital distribution network 

These networks specialize in partnering with streaming services and digital music stores, and when you sell your music to them, you are paying for your music to be sold through one of the most popular digital avenues. Some of the most popular digital distribution networks include:

  • TuneCore
  • Awal
  • RouteNetwork
  • Song cast

6. Sell beats and instrumental music online

Just as the way digital music stores are, there are platforms where one can easily sell his/her music to people around the world, the same way digital stores are dedicated to selling samples, beats, and instrumental music.

7. Sell physical copies of your music online 

You can also sell your music to people the same way people buy clothes online. When people buy your album, they also pay taxes and shipping fees, and then you mail a physical copy of your record to their addresses. If you have your own website, you can do this through there. You can as well sell through classified ads website or through sites like CDBaby.

CDBaby only makes money by taking a cut from every sale, although, they can still convert digital copies of your music into CD formats.

8. Promote your music online through social media

You must reach as many people as possible, and promote yourself at all times when you want to make a living as a musician. This is simply because the more fans you have, the more people you have to buy your songs. One of the best ways to reach new fans these days is through social media.

To achieve this, you must have an account with all the popular social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Pinterest and Reddit. Now you don’t just create the accounts and stop there, you have to update something captivating related to your niche, follow popular musicians and comment on their posts. By doing this, you’re attracting people to follow you, which will give you exposure when you share your videos, stage performance, and songs. Your friends and family can help you share as well for wider exposure.

9. Perform at every opportunity

It’s true that social media is very important, but you still have to go out and perform. If you’re looking for gigs, and have made yourself available for major events like parties, weddings and charity events, along with the traditional shows, concerts, and club performances. This gives you local exposure and to some extent, online exposure as people at the event will look for you on social media to follow you if your performance is good. Altogether, you’re creating a wider audience for you to sell your songs online.

10. Send your music to radio stations 

This is one of the traditional ways of getting your music sold, and it is very important for artists to get airplay.

You can send your music to web radio stations, satellite radio stations, college and university stations. When you get airplay, people will get to know you, search for you online, buy your songs and as well follow you.

11. Send your music to a few record labels 

This is only important if you want to sign a record deal with a label that will help take care of promoting your music and selling them and by so doing will take some pressures off you. But be sure the record label will take a percentage per sale made.

12. Get an agent to sell your music online

Agents are good because it is their job to help make you popular and also get you paying gigs. Not just that, but if you are looking to be signed, agents are huge assets as they have connections in the industry. On the other hand, they can promote your songs online and make sales. An agent usually asks far more commission than a record label per sale.

13. Get good artwork

Album art is a very important part of your work’s branding, it will really help your listeners remember who you thereby making your work identifiable. With this, you have followers that know you with your brand and will always buy your song once you release them. These types of fans are more of the captured market, they buy your songs even when you don’t market to them.

That’s where you’ll have it, don’t hesitate to ask your questions, share your thoughts, or give your own recommendation using the comment box below.

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