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Connecting to a top modeling agency is indeed a milestone and dream of every model. Being managed by a renowned agency can get you jobs (that brings in a whole lot of money) more than your counterparts; this is because these agencies are contracted by top companies and brands for advert jobs, brand ambassadors, etc. which most times involve models. Not only that, these guys (the modeling agencies) are well grounded in this niche, as such will help you grow very fast in your career.

You may probably have what it takes to connect to a top modeling agency, which can be satisfying and very lucrative, however, there are some prices to pay on your road to becoming a successful model.

According to Gayle Carson who ran a modeling school and agency in Florida for 21 years and served as president of the Modelling Association of America, “…connecting to a modeling agency can be very enjoyable and also gratifying. I liked seeing the changes for the good in the people I trained and the positive impact I had when things went well.”

How do I need to connect to a Modelling Agency?

If you feel that you have what it takes to become a professional model (See Top 10 ways to become a professional model), or that you’re already one but wish to operate through a recognized/popular modeling agency, then all you need do is to follow the below listed steps to achieve your goal.

Pinpoint Your Niche

Start by searching for a niche in which to specialize. This will help you channel your efforts, which will, in turn, allow you to be more competitive.

The niche can be based on the following variety of factors;

  • Geography (talent based in a geographic region)
  • Type of talent (for example models for the fitness industry)
  • Type of client/product (such as men’s clothing brands)

Have Patience and Persevere

While it may be a great step to connect to a modeling agency, I don’t think it will be easy. It requires continuous practice, read stories of top models you know, and follow the trend as it evolves.

Patience and perseverance go a long way towards being a top model which will lead to connecting to a successful modeling agency. The competition is much for models who are trying to connect to an agency, not just an everyday agency but a real renowned top agency, that have many offers in their treasury for their models almost immediately they get signed.

It’s possible for freelance models to have solid careers, but signing with a reputable agency gives you even more stability and access to castings. You can get the attention of an established agency by sending your full modeling portfolio. It should include your best photos along with some general background information. After which you make additional connections by attending open casting calls. Just keep pushing until you’ve achieved your modeling dream.

Take photos

While trying your best to connect to a reputable modeling agency, you need to;

  • Take as many shots as possible, at least fifty, so you will have plenty to choose from, including at least one headshot.
  • Avoid having anything at all distracting in the background of your photos, like random household objects.
  • If you have done professional freelance modeling work in the past, you may need to get permission from the photographer or client to use these photos. The moment you have this permission, just go ahead and add those shots in your portfolio.

Have a short video.

If ever you plan to send in your portfolio electronically, it will be a good idea to include at least a sixty-second video. In which you introduce yourself and discuss your modeling background.

Keep all photos recent and accurate

Your pictures don’t need to be from the past three months, but should accurately reflect your current appearance. Be sure to add photos that portray the recent length of your hair as well.

Include only high-quality photos 

The photos should be clear and crisp without any blurriness. The shading and lighting should draw attention to your best attributes and minimize any mistakes. The colors should appear real and bright. You can see so many samples on pixabay when you run a search for a model. Having a high-quality photo shows you as a serious person to an intending modeling agency that may want to sign you.

Include some headshots. 

Most agencies will likely want to see close photos of your face. It is especially necessary for print or fashion models. Keep any make-up very minimal for these shots, so that the recruiters can see the quality of your skin and also make sure to wear a smile.

  • One good general rule is to add more smiling shots if you are looking for commercial work.
  • Use the least amount of make-up that you are comfortable with. Which could mean merely applying a bit of concealer, light powder, mascara, or lipstick? Most of these recruiters will want to see your skin condition.

Put in at least one full-body shot.

Make sure to choose clothes that show off your body’s perfect attributes. That is if you are aiming for a high-fashion modeling agency, then a shot in sexy swimwear can also be helpful. While choosing outfits, consider how your choices will let recruiters see how that clothing fits you.

Type up a stats page. 

A stat page is a page that includes all of your measurements, which include height, weight, bust, hips, waist, cup, dress, shoes, suit size, and inseam (inside leg). Many models also list their hair and eye color as well. It’s a good idea to place your name in bold at the very top. If possible, you can also include a small headshot image in an upper corner.

Target a market that fits your look. 

Put into consideration your body type, your physical appearance, and interests as you choose the type of modeling to pursue. Dress and portray your activities in like manner, say have a theme on the narrowed niche, and at the end, agencies may be the ones contacting you instead of the other way round.

Be active on social media.

There’s no way you’ll succeed as a model without being active on social media especially Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Follow top modeling agencies, comment on and like their posts. Follow top models and celebrities, comment on and like their posts too. tweet and post at least 5 times in a day, shootout, do some weird things if you can (This comedian tips may help), and try to garner as many followers as possible, that way you’re getting the attention needed to succeed in this industry.

Now you have prepared yourself in these ways ready for a good connection. It’s time to find a reputable modeling agency. The internet has made it easier for us these days to reach our goals, as such finding an agency is at your fingertip. Get your device and hit Google or any search engine of your choice.

How to find reputable agencies. 

Browse online to the websites of the different agencies and take a look at their current model rosters. Check out if you can envision yourself working alongside them.

Also, check to see that the agency has been in business for at least five to ten years. Make a research about their client lists to see if they cater to companies that interest you.

Look up agency submission details. 

Also, check out the agency’s website and go through their submission guidelines. Most of these agencies require that you mail all materials in, meanwhile, others may give you an electronic submission option.

Make sure to follow all of their directions down to the last detail. If you are asked for a certain size of the image, then make sure to send it along.

Some agencies may require you submit your materials to their office. In this case, you have to dress well to portray what/who you said you’re in your portfolio. Remember to wear a smile, have less make-up, get on a nice heel and be confident.

Send all of your materials in one package. 

Make sure to also add a brief cover letter of introduction, your professional resume, your stats page, and all of your photos. Organize your photos so that the best one appears first. Place these items in a slim, secure binder.

When you follow these steps religiously, there’s a 70% chance you’ll get signed by a modeling agency in no distance time.

One last word, do away with FEAR!

Fear can stop you from achieving your goals, fear can kill dreams. Fear can come in so many different ways; it can come as an inferiority complex; it can come as fear of failure. Most times many people quit in this career and every other career at large because of mainly not what people think about them but what they think people think about them. You can read that sentence again to get it clearly.

But I tell you, careless, do your things, if you will fail, fail as many times as possible, by that, you’ll learn from your mistakes and become better. Good luck on your modeling journey, go out there and win it all, you’re a great person.

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