11 Tips on How to Become a Famous Fashion Designer

Fashion design

Becoming a successful famous fashion designer does not require any formal education or certification. You just need to have sewing, drawing and design skills, a good knowledge of the fashion industry and perseverance. You will most likely need to create a very strong fashion portfolio too and strengthen your knowledge of business and finance.

1. Develop your skills

Most successful fashion designers have arrays of skills which include drawing, eyes for both colors and texture, a good ability to visualize concepts in different dimensions, also the mechanical skills involved in cutting and sewing all types of fabrics.

Have a good understanding of how fabrics drape, move, react and breathe when worn. Your knowledge base of the fabric is very essential to use it properly while designing. You should also know where to source materials from.

Draw from already existing designers, not just about who they are, but also their signature style, backgrounds and where they studied. Having knowledge of all this will help you to be a better designer too as you can take and build on their ideas.

Be good at finding out about trends and inspiration from social media. You can’t be a famous fashion designer without being part of social media in today’s world, no. Also, be ready to devote hours of time to make your craft perfect. Don’t try to do all in a day, put in a little bit of effort every day.

2. Learn more

If you can, it will be a good idea to get a diploma or degree in fashion design or something related to it as most programs are either three or four years long. 

If you feel that real-world experience will be more beneficial to you, find a fashion internship and apply for either an internship or apprenticeship. Furthermore, the connections you establish through your internship or apprenticeship will be a very vital tool as you pursue your career in fashion, and also working with professionals in the industry will give you an opportunity to pick up important skills very fast.

3. Choose a designing field you are more interested in

Find out if you are more interested in ready-to-wear, haute couture, fitness-leisure gear, the niches or mass market such as eco wear which has advantages and disadvantages that you will need to figure out before making a final decision on which pathway to pursue. Within these major fields above, you will need to also make a decision on a few sub-set areas for your fashion design. Which includes;

  • Boys’ wear and/or girls’ wear; teenage wear
  • Sportswear/fitness/leisurewear
  • Accessories
  • casual
  • Outdoor, adventure, outerwear
  • Bridal wear
  • Women’s daywear, women’s evening wear
  • Men’s daywear, men’s evening wear
  • Knitwear
  • Costume designs for movies, theaters, retailers and the advertising industry.

4. Cut down on your ego

Think about real needs instead of just fame. While you are planning to become a famous fashion designer, note that you will not only make apparel for yourself or for only famous people. Designers are most needed by people with real and imperfect bodies that still want to look their best. Having a snob attitude will most definitely blind you from making good money because you don’t design for yourself rather for people.

5. Ask your customers what they need, be very realistic

If you happen to live in a very warm region, you will have a tough time selling ski jackets. Just look around you and ask what people need around you. Maybe, if you plan on going for a complete collection, you will need to make more tops than bottoms simply because most people have more tops than bottoms in their wardrobes. Tops are actually great to change your looks but plain nice fitting pants will match most of your tops. Keep it very simple and realistic. Extravagant designs are very nice on paper, but good tops and jeans will sell out in more interesting numbers than evening dresses.

6. Make concessions

The mass-market may not sound as glamorous as evening or luxury wears, but it will definitely get you a long way and pay your immediate wants.

7. Assess your skills and personality in fashion design

You may be a clothing lover but that is only a part of the story when going into fashion design. Your skill and personality in fashion design are what will take you to the stardom of being a famous fashion designer.

You will also need the following: an excellent communication skill, a willingness to work very hard, an ability to cope with stress, a tough hide when criticized, an openness to having different clients, an acceptance that there will be loneliness or isolation on occasionally and an ability to be a self-disciplined self-starter.

8. Get educated about the business side of fashion

Being a successful and famous fashion designer does not only require talent and creativity, but it also requires a very sound knowledge of the business and marketing aspects of the fashion world. Make sure to keep yourself updated on the events in the fashion industry by reading trade journals regularly.

9. Look for fashion design jobs

There are several ways to get work in the fashion industry as a designer and it only depends on the type of designing you can offer. Sometimes, being versatile will help you very much to get the experience you need and then jump to your real passion later on. Also, in most cases, you will need to be very persistent and apply in different places to get your foot in the door. Yes, it takes enough effort to become a famous fashion designer.

10. Consider the power of online selling

As long as you make use of good quality three-dimensional images that can be turned and zoomed, marketing your fashion online anywhere in the world is another possibility nowadays as it allows you greater opportunity to be known internationally. You can go the extra mile by learning the fashion styles of other countries, there are resources online for this. You can start will neighboring countries before moving to distant ones. I know some fashion designers that their job takes to Dubai, Paris, Milan and so many other cities. It doesn’t just take them there, it puts so much money in their pocket, gives them connections as well as popularity.

11. Assemble a portfolio of your work

Being a famous fashion designer requires that your design portfolio be very vital when applying for design jobs and internships. This creates the chance to market yourself and your work. Your portfolio must display your best work, and also highlight your skills and good creativity. Always use a high-quality binder to show that you take yourself very seriously as a designer. Include the following in your portfolio;

  • Mood or concept pages
  • Color or textile presentation pages
  • Any other pieces that fairly reflect what you’re capable of doing and evolving into.
  • Hand-drawn sketches or photographs of these sketches
  • Computer-drawn designs
  • Resume

With a quality portfolio that can attract fashion models and top celebrities, you’re sure on the right track of becoming a famous fashion designer.

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