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9 tips that will help you become a voiceover artist

Voiceover as a career can be favorable and very unfavorable sometimes if you’re not strong in heart. If you are someone like a very close friend of mine who is allergic to constructive criticism and hates to fail, then voiceover as a business is likely not for someone like you. Not only that, if you find it hard to deal with rejection, or impatient, or maybe your emotional quotient is low, I’d advise you rethink your decision of becoming a...


Practice drums with these 5 vital tips

Introduction Have you ever thought of or trying to practice drums on your own? If yes, then I recommend you learn these tips from experts that will help you to achieve your goal. Most of the time we succeed in our journey by learning from those that have been there before us; by that, we learn from their mistakes and improve on the ones they succeeded at. This is the same as a newbie in modeling will like to learn...


How to Easily Sell Your Music Online

The music industry is changing rapidly, musicians and songwriters can now easily sell their music online without stress. I have to say thanks to the internet, the connectivity made possible by social media and sites like YouTube/Spotify as well as the digitization of music in general, has also contributed immensely to selling songs online. Moreover, the advent of satellite radio and the internet has made people not be limited to the geographical boundaries of their local radio frequencies. As a...