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11 Tips on How to Become a Famous Fashion Designer

Becoming a successful famous fashion designer does not require any formal education or certification. You just need to have sewing, drawing and design skills, a good knowledge of the fashion industry and perseverance. You will most likely need to create a very strong fashion portfolio too and strengthen your knowledge of business and finance. 1. Develop your skills Most successful fashion designers have arrays of skills which include drawing, eyes for both colors and texture, a good ability to visualize...


10 tips on how to become a Professional Fashion Model

Being a professional fashion model comes with extreme fun and is a world of excitement especially when there is much passion for it – you don’t strive to like it especially when you are on your way to being a professional. Here are the top 10 ways on how to become the professional fashion model like you’d love to be. First of all, you have to start somewhere Frankly, no modeling agency would like to hire you if you don’t...