These 9 Prices of Being a Celebrity will make you have a rethink

price of being a celebrity

Being a celebrity is often associated with magazine covers, movies, red carpets, TV shows, music, comedy, fashion, modeling, etc. Most celebrities are always known for displaying enviably glamorous lives on social media, the exotic vacations to nice places, living rooms the size of your whole house, expensive pieces of jewelry whose sparkle is an indication it costs more than your car. They live a life most seemingly carried out with ease, as a result of live-in help, first-class accommodations, and no financial worries at all.

What you should know

What people don’t know is that being a celebrity comes with many hidden costs. For example, If Margot Robbie had known about these costs, she would have hesitated before taking a role as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, which took her into the official A-List. In one of her interviews with The Hollywood Reporter, she revealed the cost of the security detail needed to protect her from the many death threats and the dangers she then faces as a popular public figure.  She confessed that she wished someone told her a lot about those costs earlier. She wouldn’t have accepted the position she found herself in because she would have known what she was getting herself into,”.  Becoming a celebrity is a trap, a burden, and a manacle. That’s her opinion by the way as so many others enjoy the drama and al whatnot.

It looks so appealing and for many persons, it can be an amazing tool. But for some who are not prepared for it, being a celebrity is a restricting force which limits your freedom and mobility, and forces you to put a process around every action you take. Making you live with constant criticism because your every move and action is constantly judged by people who feel they have the right because the celebrities are seen as privileged. There is a reason substance abuse is very rampant among celebrities, and many of them crack under pressure. Becoming a celebrity is just the opposite of freedom.

But you’re rich

Obviously, you may get rich and may not have to worry about paying your bills any longer, but it is not usually the way it seems which is why P Diddy said in the Puff Daddy days, “More Money, More Problems.” To be a celebrity, you must be willing to give up on your privacy, at least to some extent. There are many other incentives to being a celebrity, but are they really worth it? Let’s dabble into one or two gains/pains of being a celebrity.

These are some of the price’s celebrities have to pay:

1. Paparazzi

You can’t ever get a break. I can’t fathom wanting to go shopping or just grabbing an ordinary cup of coffee and then having to worry about the multitude of people running after me for pictures. That’s somewhat crazy you know.

As a celebrity, you can literally buy whatever you want, but I’d rather have my privacy which is priceless than becoming a celebrity.  What happens to others and seen as nothing cannot happen to a celebrity and also be seen as nothing, it will always be news.

2. No Private Life

Your life is not only your own anymore. It’s now everybody’s life as whatever you do will be on the headlines.

Now imagine the divorce case of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, everyone in the world was infatuated with this particular news, not considering their poor daughter, who is very young and may not really understand why the whole world is talking about her mummy and daddy separating. It’s sad actually.

3. Being a celebrity Can Make You or Break You

Most celebrities do very well with the attention they get, and some even use it for good by helping out the less privileged or drawing attention to charities and adopting a child from under-developed countries.

Others, Ion the other hand, fall deep into drugs and make useless decisions with their money, some even pull self-destructive antics, and engage in all kinds of dumb stuff that only prove that they don’t deserve any attention.

4. Rumors

Rumour mongers love to carry rumors about celebrities. Sometimes it’s no big deal, but other times people can say some really bad things about them and it can have a negative effect on their life, their future, and their families. Celebrities are always associated with rumors which sometimes can be very damaging.

5. Public Fights with Other Famous People

Remember the fight between Drake and Chris Brown, I’m not sure what happened but I think a woman is involved. The news lingered for a very long time. Imagine being a celebrity and having to be around people you don’t normally want to be around, but you have to be there because of your celebrity status. So, adapting to unfavorable situations is a character you have to learn. 

6. Traveling All the Time

Celebrities tend to be away from family and friends sometimes for a long period of time. As a celebrity, you’ve come to know so many top-class people, so there will always be parties or functions to attend. Apart from that, due to the influx of jobs that will be coming your way, sometimes outside your state or even out of the country, there’s always little time for you to spend with your family.

7. Stalkers

We all know about Whitney Houston’s stalkers right! one of the stalkers was harassing her, sending her flowers, calling her offices and also claiming to be her brother who ended up getting arrested for possession of arms. Imagine what could have happened if they didn’t notice he was suspicious and arrested him. You remember Selena, a best-selling Latin star of the 90s, who was murdered at a tender age of 23 by the president of her fan club who was also her friend. It only means that being a celebrity means you have to constantly watch your back.

8. Trust Issues: People Use You

You can’t figure out who your real friends are. It’s hard to even know who to trust, or who’s going to be the next one to reach out to the gossip magazines and expose your secrets. Also, you can’t tell who your real love is, you just get confused because you will feel they all just there because of your celebrity status which, most times, is true.

9. You Can’t Mess Up

Being a celebrity is fickle because if you ever mess up, your fans may likely lose respect for you, you may not get most of the roles you want any more as others can replace you because you are always replaceable. So, you have to always watch your words and actions, especially on the social space knowing fully well you have many interests to protect. That’s one of the numerous prices’ celebrities pay to remain relevant.

There you have it! Let me ask, will you prefer to be a celebrity and pass through all these challenges or vice versa? Lol…

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