7 reasons why models get rejected by agencies

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Models get reject by agencies most of the time because of some reasons, some people find it hard to stand rejection. If you must succeed as a model just like in every other professional career, you must learn how to handle failure, criticism, rejection, and loss. In other words, you have to take charge of your emotions. You can read more here if you would like to learn how to take charge of your emotions.

So, have you been rejected by modeling agency you didn’t understand why? Well, in this blog post, I’m going to give you seven good reasons as to why models actually get rejected by agencies, alright. Before I delve into the 7 reasons, you have to keep in mind it’s not personal. It’s all about business; this industry is a business and you have to treat it as such.

It’s going to happen often, you’re going to get rejected almost every now and then but it only takes one ‘Yes’ for the whole table to turn around. You just have to keep that in mind, it’s never personal it’s only strictly business okay.

1. Requirements

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So, the first reason why models get rejected by agencies is that you don’t meet the model requirement. I wrote a blog post where I talked about the requirements to become a model, remember to take your time to read up later. If you don’t know what those requirements are, I will list a few here. However, do make sure you check the other blog post for other necessary requirements. I’ll say generally as a guy, you want to be between 5’10” to 6’3” and as a woman, you want to be between 5’8” to 5’11” in height. If you don’t meet up with those general guidelines, it’s going to be really tough for you to find an agent and you might get rejected easily.

2. Commercial look


The second reason why models get rejected by agencies is that your look is too commercial. Most agencies tend to prefer high fashion looks and more edgy looks than casual commercial looks. If you have a more commercial look you might want to do your homework or look for other agencies that represent models with your type of looks.

3. Lookalike


Another reason which is my third reason why models get rejected by agencies is that maybe the agency has several models that have your look. When I say your look, what I mean is that maybe the other modes have your same body type; they’re around the same height, same hairstyle, eye color and stuff like that. So, it’s always a good idea to take a look at some of the models that the agency represents before you go in, that way, you know what your chances are getting accepted.

4. Agent’s mood


As funny as that may sound, an agent’s mood is a reason why models get rejected by agencies. This is because; maybe the agent is just in a bad mood. If you’ve ever seen HBO’s entourage take a look at the character Ari Gold who plays an agent, you can see that it’s clearly a stressful job to be an agent. Trying to get models booked and try to get talents booked and all that so, a lot of times these agents are under high threats and you know often they have bad days. So, they just don’t feel like seeing anybody during the open calls as such they tend to take it out on the models, unfortunately. Yes, unfortunately.

5. Bad Timing


The fifth reason why models get rejected by agencies is that it’s just bad timing. When I say bad timing, it could mean that maybe it’s the slow season for the agency and they’re not getting enough work for the models they have currently on their board, so they’re not in the position to take in new talent when they can’t find work for the ones currently on their payroll. In this scenario, it is always advisable you drop your portfolio with them so they can easily call you up when they start getting so many gigs that require more models.

6. Attitude


The next reason models get rejected by agencies is because of your attitude. I’ve been to open calls-up into castings where models come in and they’re feeling like they’re on top of the world, and they have this nasty attitude. Just keep in mind that no one wants to work with someone with a bad attitude so if you come in there with a bad attitude, no one’s going to want to work with you and you’re likely going to get rejected. These 10 tips of a model will help you with the right attitude.

7. Their type


Finally, the 7th reason I have for you why models get rejected by agencies is probably one of the most common reasons. It’s because you’re simply not “their type”. For example, you could be a model that’s more on the skinny sides and maybe they tend to represent more muscular models for underwear bookings. Similarly, you may represent a muscular model whereas they need a skinny model for a T-shirt fitting job. Things like that and so many other reasons have caused models to get rejected by agencies. If you’re a skinny model, you’re not their type; they’re not going to represent you because they just can’t work with you.


Alright, so there you have it; seven good reasons as to why I’ve seen models get rejected. If you have other reasons that you’ve been rejected for, or you have some rejection stories that you’ve come across, do let me know by typing it up in the comments below. I will like to read real-life stories on how you or someone you know gets rejected #smiles, please do share so other people can learn from it.

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