7 effective tips on how to become a model

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There are many tips out there on how to become a model; however, I’ve taken time to grab these 7 effective tips that will help any aspiring model on how to become a model. If I may ask, what normally runs through your head once the term ‘modeling’ is mentioned? Maybe fashion, runways, tall, bold and appealing. Yeah, you’re right but those are simply a few parts of what modeling is.

The modeling market is enormous; therefore, it’s not only about fashion, runway and all those. It also involves editorials, advertisements, television commercials, and so much more. The modeling niche is much more than just being attractive and tall. It’s exceedingly competitive and tough; most of us don’t understand just how much effort will be placed to shoots and fashion shows since it appears so simple on our televisions.

Additionally, the numerous times’ models practice attaining their position as top fashion models such as; Karlie Kloss, Adriana Lima, Liu Wen, David Beckham and others too numerous to mention.

Fashion and modeling have changed a lot all through the years and still revolutionizing. Before now, it’s essential for a model to be tall, slim and pretty. In the 21st century, we can observe that models change from all types, sizes, colors, height, and nationalities. Particular features which have been frowned at back in the days like thick eyebrows, uncommon skin pigmentation along with albinism at the moment are taking the world with full force.

Cara Delevingne has been known for her one of the kind curls and Winnie Harlow that was famous for being teased of looking like a zebra during her childhood days is presently shooting shoots and shows all around the world together with top designers. Last but most certainly not the least Shaun Ross with albinism, has modeled for numerous top designers such as Alexander McQueen. This is food for thought for individuals with an inferiority complex who feels they’re not so good to become a model.

Every model has their own story on how they met their breakthrough or the many emails they have forwarded to modeling agencies to be called for castings along with also the several times they fail to be invited for shows before being where they are now. No model started their career without rejections, even though it now looks like they have never hit the walls in their journey.

Okay, here are my 7 effective tips on the best way to become a model.

1. Research

It’s very vital to understand completely about modeling. Search the internet for articles; see YouTube videos on how to become a model. This will help you to get ready on the industry’s expectations as well as the modeling niche you’ll like to pitch your tent.

While at it, be checking out for prospective agencies that you may love to work with and also make certain they are competent and honest, not those that will want to use you to make money only for themselves.

2. Deciding to your last choice

As soon as you’ve discovered some decent agencies you feel safe to work with, and then start getting in touch with them using every possible communication medium. Whether through; social media, e-mail, phone or visiting their office. That’s definitely the best way to get a far clearer and more accurate impression of the modeling agency you’re likely to work together with.

This is definitely an important stride as at that time you should know how to make a choice of a preferred agency that is most fit with the modeling niche you’ll love to go into. Once a communication has been established, the agency ought to have the ability to steer you to set up your portfolio since it’s an essential tool for the clients to know the best way to verify your appearance. A planned and accepted portfolio is a must since it’s going to assist you to land jobs.

3. Understand the terms in the document you are signing

As soon as you’re given an offer or whatever that requires your signatory, be sure to go through the terms and conditions carefully else you may sign up for something you are not comfortable with! Many models often miss out on this essential tip since they are carried away by excitement after landing a contract. Don’t let that be your case; study every document carefully before putting down your signature on them.

4. Be confident

Once the contract agreement is signed, you may be thinking of the best possible ways to impress your prospective clients. Do not waste your time and effort doing so, as the only real way to impress your clients would be to be your confident! Appearance is necessary, but then clients often desire to select a beauty with a fantastic personality.

Also, whenever you attend castings, clients may choose to strike a conversation with you to get a little information about you to know you better beyond being just a model. If you are timid, try to deal with it when you’re with your clients. They prefer someone bold to represent their brand. So, try your very best to be confident and bold when you’re with clients.

One more thing, keep it modest whenever you attend a casting. Wear body fitting apparel so that clients could guess your size and as well wear light makeup. See 10 qualities of a model.

5. Be nice

Try as much as possible to be nice to everybody you meet on your journey. Some models are mean and arrogant. You should be different from these types of models. Respect people around you; treat people right just like you would like to be met with. It is a small world, therefore regardless of what you are doing, it does always have a way to come back to you. Therefore, be nice!

6. Be adaptable

You have to learn to easily adapt in situations you’re not conversant with. You may meet different types of people doing shoots in environments you never thought possible, and at times even require you to push your body to max limits for them to get the right shot that might possibly worth millions. Such scenarios should not be enough to make you stop halfway because that could put a dent in your modeling career. Every client shows and shoots differ from the other. Take whatever you perform like a gaining experience. What’s more, it gives you more experience too.

7. Live a wholesome way of life.

Many models fail at that. Basically, most models starve themselves also have problems with eating disorders in order that they might be slim enough to squeeze into more clothes or even to impress designers. You shouldn’t be among the models! It’s much better to be leaner and perhaps a tiny muscle compared to be overly thin.

Just so you know, many countries have prohibited recruiting of overly thin models. According to Reuters, the French legislature voted for a bill that declares: “The activity of model is banned for any person whose Body Mass Index (BMI) is lower than levels proposed by health authorities and decreed by the ministers of health and labor.”

Therefore, for you to get jobs and impress clients, hit the fitness center fast and work to get that Victoria Secret model body. If needs be, sign up a personal trainer, and do get adequate sleep even as you avoid cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs.


You have to understand that being a successful model is not a child’s play. It will take a whole lot of time, dedication and continuous practice to achieve that. You may face all types of criticism in your modeling journey, careless about them unless they are constructive and most importantly do not allow it to affect your emotions.

Remain confident and accept all as a learning adventure! Do not easily lose hope or quit. Be aware that, there’ll never be the ‘greatest model’ as trends are always shifting and fashion always revolutionizing. You just need to make sure you maintain yourself and be your very best at all times; be prepared to take up challenges in your journey to ‘become a model’.

In Summary, keep trying to find the best rather than to give up. Utilize your flaws and consistently improve yourself with each project that comes your way. Who knows, you may grace the front covers of Vogue or walk on international runways for big designers.

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