5 tips: How to be discovered as a model on Instagram

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Getting discovered as a model on Instagram is the desire of most upcoming models and should that happen to you, you’d have this feeling of being on top of the world. But wait, who wouldn’t be? You know, there’s a difference between applying for a job, attend interview sessions before landing the job to being offered a job you love doing by an employer, even when you are yet to apply for the job.

To get discovered by an employer/agent means they have seen your worth, they know your value and believe you are the best fit for the job. It comes with honor and respect. So, getting discovered by a modeling agent on Instagram should be in the plan of every upcoming model.

So, are you looking to find tips on how to get discovered as a model on Instagram?

If yes, then you are in the right place. In this post, I’m going to give you five amazing tips on how to get discovered on Instagram.

If you have no idea where to start with Instagram modeling, not being an Instagram model. I’m not talking about an Instagram model here, you can read about that one here; rather, I’m talking about being discovered as a model on Instagram. If you have no idea, then this post is literally for you because I’m going to give you my five tips on how to get discovered on Instagram.

People get discovered

Basically, this one model ‘Ana Tasha’, She got discovered on Instagram because a photographer took her shots at an event and her picture went viral, like very viral and then she got signed by a big modeling agency, and now she’s all over the place. She’s doing amazing killing it.

Mind you, she’s not the only model that has been discovered on Instagram. A lot of models have been discovered on Instagram. So yeah, these are proven tips that many have used and confirmed its efficacy.

1. The first tip is to make your profile public

I just want to know, how are you going to get signed? How are you going to get discovered if your Instagram page is private, how? Like, please tell me how are you going to get signed? You need to make your Instagram page public because that’s how people are going to know who you are; they’re going to discover your page.

But when your page is private, first of all, people don’t follow you like that if your page is private. I don’t follow people’s pages that are private unless I personally know them, there’s no way. So, make sure that you make your page public because that is one important way of getting signed and getting discovered as a model on Instagram.

2. Our second tip is to grow your authority and grow your followers

Instagram literally changed the game for the modeling industry, so you need to learn how to build your followers and authority, because agencies look at that stuff, yes they really do. Also, Instagram marketing and social media marketing is such a huge, huge, huge thing now, it’s going to give you an advantage when you have more followers and thereby getting discovered faster. These 10 tips will help you.

So, just try to put yourself out there, get discovered, grow your following by posting your pictures every day, then grow your fan base by replying to most of the comments. That way, you’re getting exposed to be discovered by reputable agencies, agents, and scouts.

3. The third tip is to stand out from the crowd

You don’t want to look like everybody else to be discovered as a model on Instagram. You don’t want to do the same thing that everybody else is doing because you would just be basic. If you haven’t noticed, most people that get discovered have some type of skin condition, skin tone. I have 10 tips that can be of help.

I keep talking about skin but it’s not just that, it could be something like you have big hair, or you just being your personality. So, just be yourself and find your thing. You have to have the thing that makes you stand out from everybody else. Use that thing and basically promote that on social media, promote that on Instagram.

One thing I noticed about agencies is that they sign people that stand for something. They don’t want you to be a basic model; they will sign you if you stand for something. It has to be something positive most times, but sometimes people think outside the box and do some freaky things that will have them get signed by agencies.

4. The fourth step is all about having high-quality pictures

Please, don’t go ahead and post pictures that are not quality, you don’t even have to take pictures with a flash and photographer, take your iPhone, and take pictures with your iPhone. I know so many that started with their Phones; basically, that’s how to learn how to go viral.

So, you do not even have to have professional pictures, just use your Phone, take amazing high-quality pictures, and also editing is amazing. If you know how to edit, your pictures will look like you took it with a NikonT70, hehe…

5. The fifth tip is, follow Instagram scouts and agents

Now, this fifth tip on how to get discovered as a model on Instagram is actually something someone I know used and it worked for her. Basically, you just have to find the agencies that you want to get signed with, do your research on them, confirm they are legitimate and decent, submit your pictures online if there’s room for that.

Find the person that owns the agency and then follow them on Instagram. Try to engage with their content you know, comment on their posts, like and share their posts. Just don’t overdo it so that you won’t look desperate or like a stalker. Be sure to let them know you’re a model when they post about looking for models.

This industry is about who you know

One more thing, this industry is all about whom you know, it’s literally all about who you know. So, try to build a relationship with people that have been in the industry before you, make friends with other models as well. That way, you are creating a network of friends that will get informed when there are opportunities you don’t know of.


So, now that you know the five tips on how to get discovered as a model on Instagram, but there’s no way you can make headway without putting into practice what you’ve learned today and all through the years you’ve been into modeling. Take action and get discovered.

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