Top 10 qualities of a model and how to gain them

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When considering to become a model, you may wonder if you have all the qualities of a model to survive in the highly competitive industry.

Also, you may be wondering what are the necessary qualities of a model, and the possible ways to gain them; well, I will be explaining the above in detail but let’s talk a little about the modeling industry.

The modeling industry is huge and has a presence in every country in the world. Even in conservative countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, and many others, the industry is thriving and the demand for models is always on the high side.

Some qualities that you need to excel in the industry will come naturally from every experience, while you will need to fine-tune some to stay relevant in the industry.

If for instance, you are an aspiring model or a newbie trying to get a breakthrough in the modeling world, you will only be able to rise above your peers when you can imbibe qualities such as confidence, good communication skills, poise and finesse and so on.

In this guide, we will be taking a look at the top 10 qualities of a model and how to gain them

1. A model suppose to have confidence

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To excel in the modeling world, you will need to exude so much confidence to make you stand out. Clients want confident people, people that can easily sell their products with ease. If you are not naturally confident, you can get help from many of the self-help books available online, watch YouTube videos that can help you in building your self-confidence. And to also renew the confidence you have in your looks, you need to always remind yourself of the compliments that you have received from other people.

2. Great Poise

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How do you carry yourself? As a prospect, you may not necessarily possess the gait of supermodel Naomi Campbell or the swags of Tyson Beckford, but your posture gives your potential employer a peek into who you are and what you stand to offer them. 

Your head raised high is a strong sign of determination, aplomb, and also a positive spirit. When you slouch, this could be regarded as a sign of some bad habits, and a lack of paying attention to details. There might be exceptions, but these are just the most significant signs.

3. Headshot

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How do you look in a photo? Your profiles don’t have to be taken by the best photographers in the world like Steven Meisel, but at least, they should come out good, professional and current. In short, your photos should be well-groomed, standard photo shots and they should at least be taken within the year.

4. Thick Skin

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As an aspiring model, you should be ready to understand how to handle rejections, which is common in the modeling world. This should not come as a discouragement for you as the top models in the world were once rejected, but never gave up. This is one of the numerous qualities of a model every aspiring model must-have. Most times, the road is tough and rough.

You can’t meet the expectation of all clients. The fact that one doesn’t appreciate your looks does not mean you are not good enough. It is very much likely they have a specific trait they are seeking and can’t seem to spot it in you.

The ability to put yourself together and proceed in your career will decide how far you go in the industry.

5. Stamina

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As a model, you need to be healthy and fit at all times. This will give you the strength to work all day and still be at your best. It is important to you stick to a healthy diet and work out a minimum of three times a week. Should you not be able to afford a gym, you can walk and job within your neighborhood. If you are o engaged that you might not find the time to exercise, you can walk to your office rather than taking the bus.

6. Availability and Responsiveness

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Try as much as possible to always make yourself available at all times. Ensure that it is easy for the agencies to reach you any time they need your service. If you have a prospective job, always stay in regular touch with your photographer and your crew.

7. Persistence

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This can be said to be the most important attribute of all the qualities of a model. A lot of effort is required to become a professional model. You can’t continue to wait for the work to come to you. You need to have the get-up-and-go attitude to help you achieve your goals faster than others. George Shaw once said “The people who progress in the world are the ones that get up and seek the circumstances that they want, and, if they couldn’t find them, they make them”

8. Dress like a model

Dressing quality of a model

If you want to be successful in your career as a model, you need to be able to fit into the designer’s clothes so at least they can look appealing to the customers. If for instance, you are preparing for an interview with an agency, your dressing should flow with the belief and philosophy of the client. You will be judged by the way you dress to an interview – overdressing or underdressing may give other aspirants the edge above you.

9. Organization

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 To succeed as a model, you need to be organized to keep track of the time, date and locations of your appointments and castings. You can achieve this by keeping a diary that goes with you everywhere you go. The diary can at the same time have a back-up you keep at home, in case you misplace the mobile one. And ensure that all your papers and credentials are kept in a single safe that you can easily locate.

10. Independence

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As a model, there might be a need for you to travel occasionally, so you will need to be independent and also possess a self-starting attitude. You should be able to get yourself up and arrive at your location without being pushed or coerced by anyone.

Final Thoughts

We believe that our list of the top 10 qualities of a model should help you to have a head-start in the ever-competitive modeling world and guide you on your way to the top in the industry.

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